Resources to Help Improve Your Child’s Math, Reading, and Writing

April 21, 2020

Resources to Help Improve Your Child’s Math, Reading, and Writing

Parents and guardians play an important role in supporting a child’s academic success. With the recent pandemic closing schools and therefore reducing teacher-contact time, their role has become even more essential. If you are a parent who is struggling with finding ways to support your child’s learning and help them prepare for next year, we have you covered. We have rounded up some valuable resources that will help you help your child improve their math, reading, and writing skills this summer.

What needs improving?

Before you can find appropriate activities for your child, you need to know where exactly they are falling behind. You can start by talking to their teacher to find out which concepts they may have struggled with most over the school year.

You can also have your child take an assessment test. This test should identify problem areas and guide you in the right direction regarding which types of skills they should be practicing. 

At Learn@Home, students are given comprehensive tests in math and English before being assigned a Personalized Pathway designed to meet their needs.

Tips and Resources for Improving Math Skills

Once you’ve identified the problem areas, you can jump into finding activities for your child. But it is equally as important that you help your child get excited about and involved in math activities. You can do this by keeping a positive attitude about math and making it interesting and relevant by finding ways to practice math skills in everyday life, such as counting money or playing card games that require number recognition and addition. You can keep math fun by choosing activities that are game-based, rather than making it seem like another school assignment.

These are some of our favorite free resources for helping kids to practice their math skills: 

Math is Everywhere

Khan Academy

Tips and Resources for Improving Reading and Writing Skills

Getting your child to love books can be challenging, especially if they are struggling with their literacy skills. But it doesn’t have to be a battle between you, them, and the pages. First, you can help them reduce their frustration levels with their reading skills by finding books suited for their reading level, not their grade level. Secondly, encourage them to choose books they’ll enjoy, rather than ticking off requirements from a summer reading list.

These are some of our favorite resources for helping kids to practice their reading and writing skills: 

PBS Parents 


Getting More Support

Sometimes online activities and self-learning just don’t cut it. Whether you are lacking the time to monitor your child’s progress or your child needs personalized support from an educator, Optimum Tutoring is the perfect solution. Optimum Tutoring is an authority among tutoring companies. Optimum Tutoring represents over 750 credentialed teachers. They connect students in grades K-12 with these qualified and quality teachers. The credentialed teachers use their experience and expertise to excite students to learn. Subjects taught include math, algebra, calculus, reading, writing, science, history, foreign language, AP/IB level classes, test prep, college essay and admissions and more. Get your child tutored by a passionate credentialed teacher.

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