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We represent over 750 credentialed, classroom teachers who are passionate about teaching. Hire an experienced teacher for online tutoring with your child. Our teachers understand the pedagogy, standards and steps students need to full understand and learn. We will help them improve in Math, Reading, Writing, Science, History and more. Our teachers boost student confidence and help them succeed.

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State & National Board Credentialed

Our credentialed teachers are formally trained & tested, and have adaptable skills to address multiple learning styles, addressing each individual student’s learning potential.

Learning with our credentialed teacher includes:

  • Private online tutoring.
  • Supporting school curriculum.
  • Developing a personalized lesson plan.
  • Identifying and strengthening weaknesses.
  • Preparing and teaching upcoming curriculum.
  • Exciting your child to learn.
  • Building academic confidence.
  • Challenging your child’s limits.
  • Providing social-emotional support.



Our Mission

Connecting students in need of academic assistance or challenge with quality credentialed teachers who are excited to engage and help them achieve academic confidence and success.


Our Vision

Help families manage and navigate the academic success of their children.

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Subjects include: Math, Language Arts, Reading, Writing, History, Science, Algebra, Geometry, Trigonometry, Precalculus, Calculus, Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Economics, French, Spanish, Mandarin, Music, Special Education and Much More.

Elementary School Grades K-5

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Online or In-Person Instruction

Our credentialed teachers are of the highest quality. Our online tutoring and instruction is engaging, clear & concise, targeted to the needs of the student while exceeding the parent’s expectations.

Personalized Instruction from Credentialed Teachers

Our credentialed teachers understand the pedagogy and standards required for your child to have a strong academic foundation and to prepare them for what is upcoming.

Academic Testing & Benchmarking

We test your child 3 times per year with our academic assessment software that uses adaptive technology to pinpoint your child’s grade level equivalency.

Optimum Tutoring has been connecting students with quality credentialed teachers since 2017.




Highest Grade Level

Benefits of Learning Outside of School

Benefits of Learning Outside of School

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5 Tips for Developing a Child Who Likes to Read

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The Importance of a Strong Academic Foundation

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Effective and High Quality Online Tutoring.

Online Tutoring with a Credentialed Teacher

The quality and effectiveness of online learning is a priority for Optimum Tutoring. This isn’t your standard online tutoring-jobs. We review video submissions from potential credentialed teachers and select only those that meet our strict guidelines for successful online engagement. Apply to teach.

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