November 9, 2018


By far one of the most common reasons children and teens need tutoring is mathematics. 

There are many reasons kids struggle with this subject:

  • They failed to grasp an earlier concept and now they are struggling to catch up.
  • They dislike math because they don’t see a relationship to their daily lives.
  • They are afraid to ask questions because it seems like the rest of the class understands the material.
  • They forget concepts they’ve already learned over vacations and summer break and have to relearn them before they can progress.
  • They fell behind on their homework and now they don’t understand what’s being discussed in class.

Math is essential to many academic programs and professions. Even if your child plans to pursue a creative field when they graduate they may still require strong grades in math. For example, you might mention to them that a journalist needs to understand statistics and budgets and a fashion designer needs to understand geometry and measurements. If your child is falling behind in math, it’s important to act fast to correct the problem.

Here are some tips to help your child overcome problems with math:

Create math confidence in your child.

Find out why your child is struggling:Some kids find it difficult to focus in class. Let’s face it; math can be a dry subject. However, it could be they don’t like their teacher, their friends are distracting, or maybe they have an underlying issue such as Attention Deficit Disorder or eyesight problems. Talk to your child and their teacher to identify possible root causes for the problem.

Make sure your child is spending enough time at their math homework: Practicing equations can help your child or teen master them and reduce the chance that they will forget the material before the final exam. Encourage your child to spend time not just completing one or two questions but practicing the same questions with different numbers. Reinforce concepts with quizzes and games.

Encourage your child: Many kids just don’t like math and will tell you that it’s not their thing. While parents often identify with this type of sentiment, it’s important not to let your child off the hook. There’s no easier time to become a math wiz than while attending school, and when your child or teen finds out they really can be good at math, it will boost their self-esteem.

Don’t become frustrated or give your child the answer:   Have you ever been stuck with a complicated task that you just couldn’t figure out, such as trouble-shooting a computer problem, until instantly the answer seemed to hit you? The feeling of satisfaction you received was probably a reward in itself. Working out problems is one of the ways that kids develop good logical thinking skills. If it seems to take a long time, that’s because it’s part of the process.

Hire a Math Tutor -

Work with a tutor: A tutor can help your child stay on track by identifying gaps in understanding and helping them catch up when they fall behind. They can also help your child develop solid study skills so that they can succeed throughout the year. Once your child realizes they can overcome their math challenges, they’ll be motivated to succeed.

Whether your child needs academic review, a challenge, or motivation, hire a credentialed teacher, a trained professional, to tutor your child. Optimum Tutoring is an authority among tutoring companies. Optimum Tutoring represents over 750 credentialed teachers. They connect students in grades K-12 with these qualified and quality teachers. The credentialed teachers use their experience and expertise to excite students to learn. Subjects taught include math, algebra, calculus, reading, writing, science, history, foreign language, AP/IB level classes, test prep, college essay and admissions and more. Get your child tutored by a passionate credentialed teacher.

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