5 Tips for Developing a Child Who Likes to Read

July 1, 2019

5 Tips for Developing a Child Who Likes to Read 

It’s no secret that reading is fundamental. At the most basic level, reading encourages language development through practice and repetition. Furthermore, books hold plenty of knowledge about a multitude of subjects- just check out your local library! Some children may struggle with reading, thus making it a discouraging activity. Others however, simply just don’t enjoy reading. However, reading is a key component in child development. While it can’t be proven, studies have shown that reading to your baby in utero can promote early language development. If you want your child to read and enjoy reading, here are some tips.

  1. Have An Extensive Library

While you may want to buy multiple books about your child’s favorite character, having a variety of subjects is actually a good thing. This helps your child not only learn about multiple topics but have an increased vocabulary on a multitude of subjects. Phonemic awareness occurs with every story.

  1. Read to Your Child

Children mimic. You can’t expect your child to read if he never sees you reading! Make time everyday to read with your child. Also, the more children are exposed to literature, the more it will become a regular part of their day. Ask him questions, and inspire his desire to be involved in stories. Soon, your child will appreciate the one to one time he gets with you while reading a story. Reading is also a great calming activity for bedtime.

  1. Provide Opportunities

Reading is not limited to books. Allow your child to read circulars, newspapers, magazines, and even subtitles. The more variety and the more experience your child has with words and language, the better off he or she will be with learning. A good idea is to always have something for children to read in their spare time or if they say they are bored.

  1. Give Them Control

It’s okay for your child to pick what he or she wants to read even if it’s the same book five times in a row. This encourages word repetition and recognition. When children feel a sense of control in a situation they are more likely to repeat the behavior that made them feel control. So, if your child feels control about the material he is reading, he will likely choose more material.

  1. Be Interested

Children love making their parents happy and gaining their attention. If you show interest in what your child is learning, he is more likely to read more so that he can share more with you. If you act as though what he is doing is not interesting, he will likely also show boredom with the subject and/or book. Show your child that reading is cool and interesting!

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